The foundation is undoubtly one of the most important parts of a building.

Trinidad Rebar will get you off the ground effectively and efficiently We can assure you a High Standard of Quality Control, Reliable Service with prompt and efficient delivery everytime.


  • Civil Works
  • General Earthworks
  • Re-bar Specialist
    • Supply
    • Cut and Bend
    • Tie and Place
    • Transport


13th January, 2007

Mindbase Consulting Limited is commissioned to start the development of www.trinidadrebar.com

27th January, 2007

www.trinidadrebar.com is launched making it easier for our customers to provide feedback and access our services and offerings.

Health & Safety

The object of health and Saftey in employment is to promote the prevention of harm to all personnel at work, and others in the vicinity of the work.